Reading is a state of meditation that is positive for mental and physical health.  Reading physical books outdoors or in natural spaces can provide relief, and many benefits beyond the knowledge you obtain from reading the material.  Even reading fiction books can have a positive affect on your consciousness and bring you into a theta state:

Theta waves are strong during internal focus, meditation, prayer, and spiritual awareness. It reflects the state between wakefulness and sleep and relates to the subconscious mind. It is abnormal in awake adults but is perfectly normal in children up to 13 years old.  

Based on this research, ISILP created our READ MORE! initiative.  We promote reading books of any kind.  We’re not against devices and the internet, reading articles on your tablets is good too, or kindle devices.  But readers have abandoned physical books and they offer many benefits.  Life and nature is all about balance.  How many people do you think didn’t buy or read a physical book in the last 3 years of their life?   That’s unbalanced.  Physical books:

  • Are portable
  • Do not require electricity
  • Can be purchased very cheaply at used bookstores
  • Can be checked out for free at your local library
  • Don’t count towards ‘screen time’ for kids

How ISILP will promote reading:

  • Book giveaways
  • Free book promotion for independent authors
  • Providing research on the benefits of reading

If you would like to help this initiative, you can donate books or money to buy books, or to fund research.  The Institute for Scientific Integrity and Legal Policy is registered in North Carolina as 501c3 non-profit corporation.