About Us

The Institute for Scientific Integrity and Legal Policy (ISILP) is registered in North Carolina as 501c3 non-profit corporation, but operates in 3 states (TN, CA, and NY).


For a long time, dark groups have used NGOs to secretly control the planet and promulgate their dark agenda.  Whatever is their goal, they use these NGOs to manipulate the scientific community, for example, to create bogus reports on the benefits of GMO foods, drugs, or other products they then sell with their commercial entities.  Lawyers know about this relationship but the public cannot grasp the complex corporate structure sufficiently to understand that these “Studies” are just rubber stamping their roll out, whether it’s something food related, technology, medicine, or other products.  

We do not want to name any names, especially most people working for NGOs are good people who are unaware of this, or don’t see the bigger, darker picture.  Some are clearly operated by intelligence agencies for the purposes of character assassination, or lending credibility to other nefarious activities for the public.  For example, a report by an NGO is cited by CNN as a newsworthy source, which then gets added to Wikipedia – suddenly an opinion becomes a ‘fact’.  The pharmaceutical industry is the most heavy user of this process, but other industries include obviously governments both local and federal, Wall St., energy, defense, education, food, and many others.  But while there are thousands upon thousands of these NGOs, the ownership and control is very few, and those very few seem to be all friends.

ISILP is the counterbalance to those forces, a real force for good in the world.  Generally speaking, it’s the opposite of what most NGOs do – it’s about doing good behind the scenes, not growing in power.  It’s about being an idea-factory and creating a forum for debate, not issuing reports to prove a point.  ISILP’s goals are to positively stimulate and activate human beings in their own capacity – which everyone has.