Masters Intelligence Group Society

A group of Human ascended masters.

Meet regularly and discuss / exchange intelligence.

Never receive or give any commercial benefit through this group.

Protect “Intelligence” as an entity.

Defend those who promulgate intelligence.

Develop strategies to defeat those who stifle intelligence.

Intelligence is defined as an entity, ‘wisdom’ – the sum total of knowledge.

Masters may be leaders, craftsman, bankers, scientists, social workers, professors, teachers, police officers, government workers, artists, writers, lawyers, doctors – from any walk of life.

The group must agree on new entrants with a vote.

Everything that happens in the group is private, but the group is not secret. It’s a “not secret” society.

Typically, members would have a high IQ, but this is not Mensa and there are no explicit entrance requirements.

Members should have an understanding of Psionics, Meditation, and Astral Realm.