Our mission is to increase our collective wellbeing on planet Earth for human beings, through promoting human intelligence. 

We will accomplish this by running our own research programs, and providing that research to the public through a free online portal.  Also we will provide free education, training, research, and other knowledge based information so people can increase their knowledgebase and improve themselves.

The Institute for Scientific Integrity and Legal Policy is a North Carolina 501(c)3 entity.

“Solving the world’s problems by not creating any”

  • Research (posted publicly on our website) and investigations
  • Litigation
  • Education
  • Free online resources
  • Workshops and programs (in development)
  • Publications based on our research, including books, online media, and documentaries

Our Goals will be achieved through our research and advocacy.

Features and ideas

Research Portal & Forums

Fighting anti-human discrimination

Fighting discrimination of smart people, and the abuse of smart people

Fighting the abuse of smart people (Who could help everyone)

Promoting intelligence and the pursuit of mathematics & knowledge

Promoting and defending human rights and freedoms

Fighting bureaucracy, promoting de-regulation

Programs for funding young geniuses (startups)

Promoting the pro-human agenda including the use of organic biological systems (without the use of nano-technology, chemicals, or other synthetic or artificially created molecules)

Free books – give away books

Support classical music – research on how classical music can help the brain, plant growth –

Give away free classical music and books on classical music

Host classical music events

Genius grant program – give investment dollars to Geniuses working on innovative technologies

Give away free web hosting, computers, and software to poor people who want to build things

Support fact based journalism and journalists

Support pro-fact based research, and publication, and dissemination of it

Sponsor YMCA memberships for the poor (and similar) in the interest of providing healthy activities as alternatives.

Support healthy diet – give away health products

Support local fitness & health foods makers & programs

Support the local communities

What are our goals?

End human suffering, including from disease, war, and stupidity.

End human trafficking, slavery, and abuse.

Limit the unnecessary excess of Alpha Males.

Increase human life span by 3x – 10x.

Increase the collective IQ by 3x – 10x.

Promote health, awareness, enlightenment, knowledge, and brotherhood.

Promote the use of our pineal gland or ‘Third Eye.’

Provide access to any technology to anyone. (No group whether Government or Secret Society should hold back technology that can improve the health and well being of all humans on Earth).

About our Website

On our website, we will offer free resources to help your mind, body, and soul achieve higher consciousness. When we research, we will publish that research free of charge, here.