Fields of Research

Our laws and policies are based on recent science, much of which is ‘paid science’ or in other words, research groups who are paid to come up with predetermined conclusions, masked as ‘science.’  In order to effect positive change on those policies, we need to first explore the causality, or the basis for their claims.  The goal is to modify, evolve, change, and upgrade law and policy thus that it is more beneficial to the well-being of all people.  This is not promoting Socialism.  It can be easily observed that food policy, for example, is based on the profit motive of the food industry, not based on what is most healthy for human beings.  For example, fasting is a proven method that has many health benefits, yet it is not part of the general diet policy.  Our view is that there is a way to have the best of both worlds, “Intelligent Capitalism” where you have basic needs of everyone met, and people can do business on top of that base in various areas of interest, without exploiting the human race or planet Earth.  In the research of non-human civilizations, this is mostly how they operate.  We should embrace the wisdom of our Elder races, the Seeders, and others who offer a balanced path forward, a template of normality.  Obviously, those with a vested interest in the current entrenched view, which is exploitative of humans and Earth, will do and say anything to stop this.


Fields –

Ancient History of Earth and it’s Civilizations

Human DNA origins and their history

Anti-Aging technology

“Med Bed” technology

“Ren Gen Tank” technology