Evidence of Ancient Sites Stone Megalith Structure in Cumberland County Tennessee at Black Mountain Trailhead

10/24/2023 — Black Mountain Trailhead (Not to be confused with Black Mountain, NC) is about 1 hour outside of Knoxville on the Cumberland Plateau, the Cumberland Trail runs through it.  After a long and windy drive to the top, hikers can walk to an overlook and around a loop trail.  There are many rocks that look at first like some kind of building blocks for kids, like big Legos.  There are corridors, places for sleeping, it almost looks like some of the underground sites in Turkey like Derinkuyu.  Checkout the link on Google Maps.


Face of cut rock:

Precision Cut:


Habitat (in background) – In Foreground – look the cuts on the rock.  From rain?

Here is a list of sites in TN – none in Cumberland County:


Perhaps there are so many sites in TN that they can’t all be looked at?  It’s interesting what cut these rocks like this, and why they are on top of the mountain.  There are no other rocks exposed like this in the area.  It’s a long drive up the mountain.  There are only rocks in this site, which happens to be near a massive vista in which you can see the whole valley.

Were these rocks part of some larger structure at some point?  We’d need some type of radar camera to have an aerial view as trees are blocking most of the rocks from the air, as seen on this Google photo: (The heart is parking and the Trailhead)

Also interesting is the NSA listening ball, access by paved road as well.

There are not stone megaliths or pyramids in Tennessee, or are there?  Recently we posted an exclusive on unusual stone structures at Black Mountain Trailhead, TN (Near an FAA [NSA] surveillance facility).  Now we have learned of a potential site that was flooded with the creation of Norris Lake by the TVA, as referenced by 1935 work called “A Temple in Tennessee.”  This forgotten site is right in our backyard, but gets little attention.  But it’s not totally forgotten, as referenced by Ancient Pages website:

The Egyptian Temple assertion was made solely on the speculations of a respected British manuscript curator after he saw a photo of the excavated mound in the “New York Times” in 1934.

The British curator, J. Rendel Harris, was a respected biblical scholar and was 82 years old when he saw the newspaper photo. He was very impressed by the photo he saw in the newspaper article describing a site that had been excavated in Tennessee.  In 1935 he published a brief article about it entitled, “A Temple in Tennessee,” as part of essays he routinely issued.

Much earlier in his life Harris had become convinced that Egyptians visited America well before Columbus.  He thought that they initially visited the Bahamas and eventually moved into the Gulf of Mexico and up the Mississippi.

There are other anomalies.  Just north of Lake Norris, which is an artificial lake created by the Norris Dam, there appears to be a perfectly rectangular basin which intuitively resembles a big bathtub, or reservoir for water.  The Cherokee were mound builders, but they would not have been able to build such large hills.  But even today, when new development breaks ground in East Tennessee, mounds are used in this fashion to separate housing from freeways, for example.  Mound walls are used as fence alternatives in many TN communities, or to ‘top off’ a hill.  Furthermore, in such terrain, it’s easy to hide things (by simply covering with the hard clay soil that quickly becomes like a rock..).

Take a look at this Google Maps of the area:

Now look at the rectangle overlay:

Interestingly, on the bottom of the rectangle in the above photo, is a place called “Little Egypt” that seems to be a ‘release’ for the reservoir.  Of course, this may all be a coincidence, but if we triangulate this data, there seems to be a pattern emerging of Ancient civilizations in Tennessee.  To be clear, most of these sites don’t even qualify as ‘ruins’ they are just unusual rocks.  However, the one site that does look like a “Temple” is now at the bottom of Lake Norris.

Combining these locations with other sites we have researched in the East Tennessee area, we see a pattern:

Huntsville, AL at the end of this channel is interestingly home to NASA.  The area labeled ‘cave country’ has the highest concentration of known caves anywhere in USA.

Let us not forget these sites surround Oak Ridge, TN the place where the Atomic bomb was created, which was for several years the most important site in the world.  One would think that location was chosen for a reason, and it’s not just because of mountains (there are many mountainous states including Colorado, Nevada, California, just to name a few.)

Here’s another article on the Cox mound, and it’s approximate location:


Author’s Notes

The author wishes to remain anonymous at this time.  This blog post was taken from 2 originals on LoveTNLife.com.

During a follow up trip with the family to this site, I witnessed what I believe to be a non-human humanoid being.  Although it was very pleasant weather, he was wearing swamp camo for winter, thick long sleeve jacket, thick pants like overalls for wading through high water, and a hat with mosquito net which totally covered all his skin, thick hunting gloves, boots, the whole outfit, but there were no bugs!  Everyone else was wearing t-shirts, shorts, and some people even in sandals.  His skin was pale and we passed 100 or so people that day, everyone said “Hi” or something funny, this guy turned and STARED at me like I was FOOD.  That was the feeling I had.  Why did he stare at me, and not just walk by?  He turned his whole body as I passed, I just stared back.  I think that I would have wanted to communicate with him if I was not with the wife and small kid.

Also interesting, this is part of the same mountain system with Hinch Mountain, where there have been reports of strange activities, including UFO sightings, and government/military communications systems.

This topic is clearly not being investigated thoroughly, we are going to exploring and post the results here – stay tuned!