At ISILP we create concepts that can help people.

These are just ideas, based on research.

Income Cap

How much money do you really need?  High income individuals can cap their income and invest the rest in business startups that create jobs, donate to charity, or do other public functions that benefit the public.

The amount of the cap is going to depend on a number of circumstances but we feel that since this is voluntary anyway, so should the decision on the cap.   Frankly for 99% of earners above $1m/year in AGI any cap is going to be helpful.  Some suggested caps:

$1m/year in individual income ($2m/year if you live in a high inflation state like NY, CA)

Plant Fruit Trees instead of Shrubs

Landscapers spend billions of dollars per year planting shrubs.  What if we instead planted fruit trees?  All fruit trees by default flower, so it isn’t degrading the aesthetics.